Central Missouri Economic Development Alliance
CMEDA - Logistics
The Alliance region is located east of Kansas City along the I-70, I-50, and Highway 65 corridors and offers numerous logistic advantages. Ditzfeld Transfer, one of the leading logistics firms in the Midwest, has been operating in the region since the 1960s. Today, it offers trucking, logistics services and operates 921,000 square feet of warehouse space. Ditzfeld is headquartered in Sedalia and provides a broad range of logistic services to most of the major companies all across the Alliance region.

The University of Central Missouri, with campus facilities in Warrensburg and Lee Summit, offers degree programs in supply chain management and also boasts an unusual transportation asset - its own airport. UCM offers four-year degrees in aviation careers such as professional pilot, airport management, flight operations management; systems design technology, and avionics management. To provide additional aviation education and transportation services, the University is in the midst of expanding the Airport’s runway, apron and hangar facilities, planning to build a new terminal, and developing an Energy Park and Learning Center to nurture immerging businesses adjacent to the new Airport facilities.
  CMEDA - Logistics
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