Central Missouri Economic Development Alliance
CMEDA - Agri-Business
The Central Missouri Economic Development Region is the home of numerous agri-business companies that serve the diverse agricultural communities in the area.  Some of the most productive farmland in the nation is located in the northern tier of the region.  The western part of the region is abundant with excellent farm land, orchards, wineries and growing opportunities in agri-tourism.  The southern half of the region is a leader in livestock and poultry farms and beautiful and productive grasslands.

The agricultural diversity of the region has spawned a strong agri-business community that provides products and services to the ag community.  Companies such as Kent Feeds, Cargil and Excel are just a few of the feed production companies located in the region.  The region is home to Mid Missouri Energy, a farmer owned ethanol production facility that has thrived due to the bountiful corn crops and Show Me Energy Coop that produces green energy fuel stock from wood and forage crops.  Monsanto and Pioneer are just a few of the seed research and production companies that operate facilities in the region.  Food production companies such as ConAgra, Cargil,Tyson, Schreiber Foods and Excel as well as others have located facilities within the region to reap the bounty of the productive land and livestock farmers.
  Central Missouri Economic Development Alliance - Agri-Business

This strong agricultural and agri-business base has provided an even more valuable resource for the region.  This resource is the young men and women that have been nurtured on hard work, commitment, innovation and perseverance, have been educated in strong and successful school systems and now make up a talented and hard working labor pool.
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